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Hindmithra is a social network and local search engine platform across India. It focuses on the villages rather than the cities, with the goal of promoting Indian culture and socio-economic progress by providing a digital platform to common people. Hindmithra provides support to local vendors by promoting their businesses across India; it explores the vast human resources available across India and encourages vocal for local. Hindmithra is a platform that connects vendors and consumers via a local search engine.

App Features

Local Search Engine

Hindmithra provides a local search engine platform that enables consumers to find local vendors by matching their interests, creed, and cultural backgrounds. Hindmithra also helps to promote vocal for local businesses by providing incentives to the users who post reviews about their experiences with local businesses.

App Features

Pilgrimage Services

Hindmithra offers pilgrimage services to common people. It provides details information on India's tourism and travel industry, as well as information on culture, heritage, and holy places. The app also helps users to book their tickets for various pilgrimages and travel packages. It provides a directory of hotels in different cities of India, with information about the facilities and amenities provided by them.

App Features


A Panchang is a detailed, five-factor Hindu calendar numerology that takes into account the position of the sun, moon and stars on any given day to provide information useful for astrologers to forecast celestial phenomena, and also to outline auspicious and inauspicious time frames for important occasions such as marriage, education, career, travel etc.

App Features

Temple/ Festival Directory

A directory of temples and festivals for various Hindu deities, which can be searched by name or location. The website also provides information about the religious significance of each temple and festival, along with details of the rituals associated with them. It also offers a calendar of Hindu festivals for the year, which can be filtered by location. A guide to Hindu religious practices is also provided, along with information on how to perform certain rituals at home.

App Features

Delivery Services

Daily essentials delivered to doorsteps, including groceries, meat and fish, dry fruits, and vegetables. Helps common people to order online. The app also provides a range of services for weddings, including catering and decorations.

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